About Louisa Mae

Who Is Louisa Mae?

Born and bred in the city of Leeds in the UK, Louisa is fiercely proud of her northern roots and heritage.

She has been an avid reader since a very early age, and has fond memories of weekly visits to her local library with her dad, but credits both her parents for instilling a love of reading and books which has never left.

Louisa hadn’t really thought about writing in her adult life until one day she fell down a rabbit hole and landed in the world of Fanfiction. After reading so many, and making online friends through the medium, she found herself taking the leap and publishing stories online.

The switch to original fiction came through the support and encouragement of her friend, Nicole Colville, who put together a charity anthology called Confidential Encounters, which was published in June 2016 and contained Louisa’s first published novella, Below The Line, which went on to be picked up for German translation, making Louisa a bestseller on Amazon Germany.

Thankfully the voices have continued to whisper into her ears ever since and while ever the men talk, Louisa will listen. Writing their stories and bringing them to life for people to enjoy. The journey might not always be easy as she’s a self confessed lover of angst, but where’s the fun in things being easy?

Whatever the story, rest assured, Louisa will bring you a story she would want to read herself.